Dedicated Servers

Perfect for heavy duty websites & apps, our bare metal servers come with the option for customizable setup with optional hands on support from a team of experienced technicians.
  • Bare Metal Servers
  • Full Control panel
  • Intel-Powered Processor
  • 99.99% Uptime SLA

Hosting Plans

Name Description Group Monthly Order Now
Server1 ,=CPU 1 CPU - E3-1240v6 @ 3.70 GHz ( 4 cores 8 threads) MAX CPU: 1 CPU - E3-1240v6 @ 3.70 GHz ( 4 cores 8 threads)

,=Storage 2 x 500GB SSD * *Upgradable

,=RAM 16 GB MAX RAM: 64 GB

,=Traffic Unlimited
Dedicated Servers ZAR2790.00
Server2 ,=CPU 1 CPU - Xeon E-2234 @ 3.60Ghz (4 cores 8 threads) MAX CPU: 1 CPU - Xeon E-2234 @ 3.60Ghz (4 cores 8 threads)

,=Storage 2 x 500GB SSD * *Upgradable

,=RAM 16 GB MAX RAM: 128 GB

,=Traffic Unlimited
Dedicated Servers ZAR3200.00
Server3 ,=CPU 1 CPU - Xeon E5-2620 @ 2.10GHz (8 cores 16 threads) MAX CPU: 1 CPU - Xeon E5-2620 @ 2.10GHz (8 cores 16 threads)

,=Storage 2 x 500GB SSD * *Upgradable

,=RAM 32 GB MAX RAM: 128 GB

,=Traffic Unlimited
Dedicated Servers ZAR5000.00
Server4 ,=CPU 1 CPU - Xeon E5 2680 @ 2.50GHz (10 cores 20 threads) MAX CPU: 2 CPUs - Xeon E5 2680 @ 2.50GHz (20 cores 40 threads)

,=Storage 2 x 500GB SSD * *Upgradable

,=RAM 64 GB MAX RAM: 256 GB

,=Traffic Unlimited
Dedicated Servers ZAR5250.00

Why work with us

High Traffic Websites

A dedicated server will give your site the power to run quickly, reliably, and without interruption even when your website gets high traffic.

Large E-commerce Websites

A dedicated server will ensure that your online storefront can withstand high traffic during the busiest hours so as to keep your sales rolling up.

Agencies with High Profile Clients

A dedicated server is a perfect place to house your client needs and to impress the millions of fans visiting your site with a fast and reliable experience.


Allows resellers to host their own clients on dedicated servers for smooth and easy business transactions.

Hosting Addons

  • 16 GB RAM (D0, D1 and D2) @ $30 (R450)/mo/module (max 128 GB)

  • 64 GB RAM (D3) @ $115 (R1800)/mo/module (max 256 GB)

  • IP address @ $1.50 (R20)/mo/IP

  • Additional CPU 1 x Xeon E5 2680 12 core (24 threads) @ $65 (R1000)/mo

  • Storage

    1TB (2 x 0.5TB SSD) @Included in base price
    1.5TB (3 x 0.5TB SSD) @ +$36 (R550)/mo
    2TB (4 x 0.5TB SSD) @+$85 (R1300)/mo
    2TB (2 x 1TB SSD) @+$58 (R900)/mo
    3TB (3 x 1TB SSD) @+$130 (R2000)/mo
    4TB (4 x 1TB SSD) @+$200 (R3000)/mo
    4TB (2 x 2TB SSD) @+$170 (R2600)/mo
    6TB (3 x 2TB SSD) @+$260 (R4000)/mo
    8TB (4 x 2TB SSD) @+$390 (R6000)/mo
  • cPanel Add-ons

    Softaculous @ $7 (R100)/mo
    CloudLinux @ $27 (R399)/mo
    LiteSpeed 8GB @ $40 (R599)/mo
    LiteSpeed Unlimited @ $55 (R800)/mo
    Kernelcare @ $4 (R59)/mo
    JetBackup @ $15 (R229)/mo
    Immunify AV+ @ $15 (R229)/mo
    Immunify 360 @ $40 (R629)/mo

About our cloud servers

Dedicated server is the obvious choice when it comes to hosting a high traffic website, eCommerce store or mission-critical data. Getting the right dedicated server for hosting such type of websites is in itself a big challenge. At Technofarm we truly understand the value of your time, money and business. Our approach is totally different. We are not here, just to sell a dedicated server box as we believe in building lasting relationships.


We use the latest virtualisation technology to ensure you get the best possible performance


Technofarm runs all servers exclusively on fast SSD and deploys on Intel processors


Your data security is our top priority. We use Redundant Storage to keep your data safe

Upgrade, downgrade

You can upgrade or downgrade your account as you wish at any time

Frequently Asked Questions

I can't decide on which size to choose

If you are a small startup or company and just starting out it is best to start with the first package i.e. cloud 1, either way it really does not matter as upgrading and downgrading is very easy.

Do you keep a backup of my servers?

At reasonable rates, we offer you full flexibility of your backups. Order a backup plan add-on at our VPS checkout. These are snapshots that allow you to roll back your virtual server to a previous state.

What is vCPU

A vCPU is a Virtual Processing Unit. One or more vCPUs are assigned to a Virtual Machine (VM). Each vCPU is seen as a single physical CPU core by your servers operating system. Larger packages include more vCPU’s.

What's more important CPU or RAM

The CPU is very often not a limiting factor. In the majority of the use cases the most important factor is how much RAM (memory) is needed. Modern PHP/MySQL scripts often use a lot of RAM, so RAM is very important when deciding on the package you buy.

How do i downgrade or upgrade my account

Easily login to your customer section, choose the product and click up- or downgrade. Upgrades will be processed immediately, downgrades at the end of the month.

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