Eduden – Learning Management System And Marketplace

Eduden is made for educational websites, training centers, course hubs, colleges, academies, universities, schools and kindergartens. Eduden looks inviting and offers all the vital functionality to see learners through their course and it has them in abundance. If you want an excellent website dedicated to learning, this is it.

Get this system now as a fully functional solution where all technicalities are handled on your behalf. Concentrate your efforts on growing your business.


Eduden is an extremely efficient, versatile and adoptable system that can be used for just about any education related business be it running a course marketplace or hub whereby different learning providers share content such Udemy or Skillshare or it be used to run single school such as a college or a varsity etc. Though the system comes with just about any feature that one can imagine, they can be enabled or disabled as one desires. Some on the key features are includes below

  • Sorting Choice Question Type.
  • Content Drip.
  • Random Quiz.
  • Co-instructors.
  • Membership Feature.
  • Forum Feature.
  • Social Networking Feature
  • Integration with many payment providers
  • Stripe Integration.
  • Authorize.Net Integration.
  • 2Checkout Integration.
  • Course Certificate.
  • Collections.
  • Gradebook.

» Drag & Drop Course Builder

With the Drag & Drop curriculum, courses couldn’t be easier and more simple to build, and the system is also highly developed as a perfect Search Engine Optimization (SEO) solution.

» Selling courses directly through PayPal, Stripe,, 2Checkout or Offline payment

This system is equipped with a full ecommerce system which has he capability of integrating with a hundred plus global payment processing systems, meaning you can sell your courses just about anyone anywhere. If however you do not want a full assenal of ecommerce features in your website, than the system come with integration with leading payment processors PayPal, Stripe, 2Checkout and

» Selling courses through Subscription / Membership

With an integration with another plugin, the system can be configured to only allow registered members access to course content what is known as a membership based website.

» Easily manage the commission rate for each course

The system has a commission rate management system that allows you to decide how much can a author, lecturer earn for every course purchase. This is for those running a course marketplace like Udemy, Lynda or Coursera.

You have complete branding power over your entire website, from changing colours, content and even layout. We give you the system with no restrictions.

Pixel Perfect Education System

SAY NO to outdated, ugly design and sloppy websites (unless you don’t want a professional education website). Every pixel on our educational system has been developed with pixel perfection in mind. Just look at the live demos to see for yourself how detailed, elaborate and truly pixel perfect it is.

UI/UX Optimized for an Education Environment

Save users time with Smart AJAX Search for Courses: help your learners find the courses they are looking for, in no time.

Smart Sticky Sidebar: ensure the permanent appearance of the sidebar, in case the main content is too long. Your education site will look more beautiful, and be easier to navigate.

Attract more learners with Sticky Course Enroll Toolbar: the sticky course enroll toolbar is always there to catch the attention of learners and motivate them to participate in more courses.

Bottom Call to Action for better conversion: look at the bottom of each demo – a stunning Call to Action has been implemented, to increase your chances of turning a visitor into a learner.

Branding your Education Website without Coding Knowledge

Eduden a system for Learning Management Websites and education contains an easy and visual customization, so you don’t have to worry about coding but can spend your precious time on the eLearning content.

Changing colors to match your brand: this system comes with unlimited colors. You will have thousands of way to change the appearance, according to your preference and your brand.

Select from 700+ fonts: 700+ fonts are available for you to choose from. Pick up any from the Google Fonts library to suit your own style.

Logo on pages pre-loading: we’ve created this feature for a better UI – page loading in Education WP will never be boring for users. You are free to change the logos as you wish.

Fancy Events

The helpful events plugin is ready to use, with an attractive countdown to events.

Event management: events are separated into Expired, Ongoing and Upcoming events, for full control and to make sure your users never miss out.

Selling Event Tickets: Selling Event Tickets: allows people to buy tickets and participate in your events via the built-in online ticket booking form. The form even provides insights into how many slots are taken for each event and how many slots are available to ease the booking process.

Add eCommerce to your site

In case you want a shop feature for selling products, such as books and learning materials, Eduden is ready for you.

Fully Multilingual Education Site With RTL Support

It is really easy to bring your education and LMS site to a global market because Eduden fully supports multi languages with WPML, Polylang and QTranslate. More than that, the theme also supports Right-To-Left (RTL), in order to handle and respond to users who communicate with a right-to-left language.

Amazing Mega Menu

Education WP uses Mega Menu to offer an amazing navigation experience for users, because this menu can display many different options at a time. Icons, pictures and typographical hierarchy can be used to make scanning easier. It also allows for efficient, hierarchical organization and grouping.


This education system is made with full mobile support, which means your site will not only display perfectly on the web but also on mobile. With a responsive design and retina ready display, your site will look awesome on any device. Users can take courses on the web and on their mobile devices as well. This function is sure to bring you more traffic.

Ultimate SEO Optimization

Using Eduden is a great way to get your education website ranked significantly higher on search engines. All titles, headings and meta tags have been carefully optimized, just the way that Google likes it. Structured Data is implemented deeply, to make your site look appealing in Google search results.

Faster Loading for Better Google Ranking

Your education business means nothing without traffic. From day one, we have been continually optimizing every bit of the code to make sure it has fewer requests, fewer database queries, less CSS & JS and loads faster. With new version, our highest priority is to find ways to make it better.

Choose Your Hosting Plan

Name Description Group Monthly Order Now
Eduden - Learning Management System And Marketplace - On Cloud1 20 GB SSD Storage 1GB RAM 1CPU vCore Unlimited Traffic 25 Email Account Free SSL Certificate R399 ($29)/Month R650 ($50) Setup Fee Eduden - Learning Management System And Marketplace ZAR399.00
Eduden - Learning Management System And Marketplace - On Cloud2 40 GB SSD Storage 2GB RAM 1CPU vCore Unlimited Traffic 100 Email Account Free SSL Certificate $35 R499/Month R650 ($50) Setup Fee Eduden - Learning Management System And Marketplace ZAR499.00
Eduden - Learning Management System And Marketplace - On Cloud3 100 GB SSD Storage 2GB RAM 2CPU vCore Unlimited Traffic Unlimited Email Account Free SSL Certificate $49 R699/Month R650 ($50) Setup Fee Eduden - Learning Management System And Marketplace ZAR699.00
Eduden - Learning Management System And Marketplace - On Cloud4 200 GB SSD Storage 4GB RAM 4CPU vCore Unlimited Traffic Unlimited Email Account Free SSL Certificate $69 R999/Month R650 ($50) Setup Fee Eduden - Learning Management System And Marketplace ZAR999.00


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