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Subscription based business management and marketing systems for big and small businesses.

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Hosted cloud based business management and marketing software applications linked to your domain

Website & Hosting

Regular and managed hosting plans and website solutions

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Buy ready to use software applications in the form of mobile apps, website scripts and more

Online Printing

Design and print flyers, business cards, gazebos, shirts and more, we deliver.

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Featured Hosted Systems Categories

Hosted apps refers to software that must first be hosted before a client can use it. This means that a client must purchase a domain and hosting space before he or she can use the software more like purchasing a website. We provide various types of hosted systems for various needs in these categories.

Software As A Service (SAAS)

SAAS refers to software that is offered as a ready to use service over the internet on a subscription basis, meaning you subscribe and use the software. This is also referred to as on demand software and used to offer a wide variety of business services ranging from invoicing, accounting, marketing etc. We offer the following SAAS systems


TechnoERP is a complete business management system combining various business aspects under one system. These include accounting and invoicing, client and inventory management, human resources management as well as project management


Fbot is Facebook automated marketing system which can reply to messenger messages automatically, post on your facebook business page automatically, send bulk messages to messenger subscribers and more

My Bizz Bot

My Bizz Bot is Google My Business management system which allows you automate your interaction with the Google My Business directory platform. It allows for automated replies to reviews, multiple location management, automatic posting on google and more.


TechnoMSM is a school management system which is a complete ERP system for schools allowing them to handle all school related activities such online student management e.g. attendance management, teacher management such as attendance, employee management incl payroll, assignment management, hostel, transport, library and much much more

Total Internet Provision

Technofarm is your oneway stop for all your online needs.

Through Technofarm you have a variety of tools at your disposal for use to boost and better your business. What's more is that Technofarm has solutions for all business types and sizes from one man run freelance businesses to corporations, we have it covered. List and market your business using our smart directory, uplaod and sell your products while you at or use any of our hosted applications to start and run your very own internet empire, supplement your existing business by running it online or simply use them for management purposes. Create and host a website or have us create it for you. Once your online presence is setup, use our marketing tools to take it to new heights.

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Why you should list your business

Our smart business directory is a perfect most cost effective way to market your business, handle both paid and non paid online appointments, post and manage job applications, list multiple businesses, share content on the wall and automatically on leading social networks, publish and sell products and more.


The wall is similar to that of Facebook, allowing businesses to share and comment on content in the form of articles, pictures, Youtube and other network videos. When one posts on the wall, the post is also shared on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and 7 Other social networks, making it a perfect cost effective marketing means.

Sell Products

Business owners can list products that they are selling in many different categories and receive online payments from clients.

Online Appointments

Business owners can set and manage online appointments in form of paid appointments as the case might be for a doctors appointment or barber shop, and non paid appointments.

Internal Messaging

Customised payment requests between business owners and clients are possible through direct messaging.

Comprehensive and Feature Rich Admin Panels

Business owners can manage their businesses via feature rich admin dashboards designed to making doing any task in the system a breeze.

Booking Calendar

Business owners can set booking schedules for each of their business listings with time slots through which bookings can be made.

Job listing and management

Business owners can list job opening for any of their listed businesses and manage applications through the system.


Each listed business is open to public ratings. Each rating can be made based on a rating category e.g. support or quality etc.

Unlimited listing categories

We have included as many listing categories as possible to accommodate any and all business types.

Point system

Points allow for certain premium features such listing additional businesses, posting more than the limited number of jobs and other features.