Hosted business applications, market places,websites and more

from online project management systems that you can use for your business, to those you can sell to other businesses, ordering systems of various sorts, online shops, schools, directories, dating sites and more. We have them as hosted turnkey products ready for you to use.

Featured Systems

How We Work


Choose Your System

Choose the system that you want by first reviewing it to make sure that it meets your expectations


Choose Your Domain

Register a domain that will link to your chosen system


Customise Your System

Once your domain has propagated and we’ve setup your system, you will be able to customise your system with your info or pay us to do it for you


Turnkey Solutions

Our solutions are start and go solutions meaning you do not have get a third party to help you setup the system as that is part and parcel of the solution we give to you.


Your chosen system can scale to your needs as your business grows. This means you start small at an amount you can afford.


Our business model accommodates everyone from startups, entrepreneurs, to enterprises making sure that everyone can reach their dreams.

Quality Software

We work with the best software in the industry, developed by trusted developers around the globe. We test and retest every software to ensure that it meets standard.