In today’s world any and all businesses must adopt and embrace digitization.

But What Is Digitization?
Digitization is a conscious effort to use digital technology for the purpose of carrying out business activities. These mostly include management and marketing activities. The goal of digitization is to
1) Make business management seamless and integrated
2) Monitor employee activity and performance
3) Build better and stronger relationships with clients and stake holders
4) Reduce operational expenses
5) Reduce operational difficulties and last but not least
6) Ease the acquisition and retention of clients.

With digitization, organization have a real chance of turning their businesses into winning and prosperous ventures.

What Does Digitization Entail?
It entails the use online based digital systems for marketing and management purposes. Systems that integrate different company data that can otherwise be lying on separate pieces of paper or different databases into one integrated platform that can handle the various data and draw integrated analysis from all of it.

It entails the use of automation to handle mundane and time consuming tasks that would otherwise require a lot of manpower and or resources.
It also entails the unification of the company’s team in order to get better results on projects and assignments.

With digitization, companies have a real and better chance of growth and development.

Introducing Technofarm.biz
Technofarm is a unique and rich platform designed to help businesses of all sizes and types to easily make use of digitalization.
Technofarm offers a range of systems designed for various business activities in the main categories of business i.e. marketing and management. Through Technofarm, companies can make use of a range of subscription based systems, a service referred to as SAAS or Software As A Service. These allow businesses to subscribe and make use of cutting edge software without the need for acquiring, installing or maintaining the software. The type of software that Technofarm offers include
1) TechnoERP: A complete and integrated business management system that brings together different business functions such as Project Management, Invoicing, Human Resource Management under one roof. (Visit: https://erp.technofarm.biz)
2) Fbot: An automated Facebook marketing systems that allows for the automatic posting of articles and or images or video links into Facebook business pages and groups, these can be scheduled to post anytime of the day for any number of times, the setup of a chat bot for Facebook messenger that can reply to visitor questions, the sending of bulk messenger messages, automated comment replies, automated likes and many more. In short Fbot helps you to deliver automated customer services without spending anytime. (Visit: www.fbot.technofarm.biz)
3) TechnoSMS: A school management system that integrates all the various aspects of running a school into one easily managed system that can be used by schools, colleges and universities. With TechnoSMS, functions such as student and teacher attendance, performance, class schedules, payroll, school accounting, asset management, lesson plans, student applications and more can be handled. (Visit: https://sms.technofarm.biz)
Other system for specific industries and business activities will follow shortly.

On top of this, Technofarm, through its division TechnoPlus gives you a number of hosted systems ranging from business marketing systems to managing systems and systems for those who want to run their very own internet businesses. The main difference between these and SAAS is that hosted applications must first be linked to a client’s domain before the client can use them. This means that each system is setup specifically for that client to use and hosting resources e.g. RAM and space can be scaled up or down according to usage. (pls visit https://plus.technofarm.biz for more)

Here are some systems that we currently host

Eduden: A state of the art e-learning delivery system suitable for any education institute from pre school to higher learning. With Eduden one can start an online school for his/her physical school or start an online learning marketing and make money by allowing others to create courses. (pls visit https://technofarm.biz/product/eduden)

DrugShop: A complete pharmacy management system designed to integrate all business processes of a pharmacy underone system. It handles information like medication, employees, customers etc through features like POS, invoicing, acconting, payroll, HRM and more. (visit: https://technofarm.biz/product/drugshop

Restaurant: a restaurant ordering and management system with POS, online ordering, restaurant website, table booking, full accounting and human resource management features (visit: https://technofarm.biz/product/restaurant)

2Rent: a beautiful very well featured rental marketplace platform designed to allow entrepreneurs without technical expertise successfully run an accommodation rental platform the like of airbnb, homeaway, bookings.com, flipkey etc. (visit: www.plus.technofarm.biz/product/2rent

And many many other systems.

Our goal at technofarm is to open up the Internet economy to the non tech businesses and entrepreneurs by making technology accessible and affordable. We do this by offering a complete tech solution which designed to offer software products with all supporting services under one solution we call hosted applications. We also offer other types of solutions as well.

visit: https://technofarm.biz for more.

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