Empowering Entrepreneurs And Businesses of All Sizes To Successfully Partake In "The Internet Economy"

An Effort To Create An Inclusive Economy, We Believe Should Start Online, Hence We Are An Enabler For Other Businesses And Entrepreneurs To Run Successful Online Businesses.


We've been navigating the digital landscape since 2013

Technofarm has been in existence for 7 years now as a company, who’s majority time was spent doing consultation work for client on various projects. Our target has always been the small to medium business sector as we believe it is mostly under serviced with IT solutions particularly affordable quality web based solutions. Throughout the years we’ve worked with many different small businesses and built many beautiful things. Many of our clients have come and gone but we remain. After taking time out to revamp our strategy and put into place our systems, we’ve come back much stronger, more focused bearing a unique first of its kind business model as a gift to small businesses and budding entrepreneurs globally. Our aim is propelling small businesses to big giants and building digital entrepreneurs particularly in the African continent where we are born.


Our vision is to use the online space to build an inclusive economy where those with an entrepreneurial spirit have all the technical backup needed for them build successful ventures. We believe this only way to survive the changing tides of commerce and we want to play our role to ensure a competitive advantage across the board.



Our mission is “Raising Internet Business Eagles” drivers of the new economy while being a driver ourselves. We plan to have 1 million eagles by 2025

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