We provide solutions to help organisations develop, transform, deliver and monitor learning and communication content

A complete set of products and services to make your e-learning venture a success

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Why You Should Work With Us



We have a team of technologists, ranging from course developers to graphic designers ready to meet your needs


Rich Content

We use top of the range tools to develop highly interactive learning content to meet any desired learning outcome


Saving You Money

Our pricing model is fair and reachable in comparison to similar providers, thus saving money in the process


Award Wining Content

We create visually appealing and user friendly content in accordance to your training needs.

Helping organisations
Thrive in the digital era

Being a full service IT provider we are able to help organisations with various aspects of Information Technology so that hey can perform at their best and easily compete using digital tools

We’ve been in the cutting edge of technology since the beginning and we’ll continue innovating and inverting for as long as we exist

We Serve Various Industries

These are just some of the industries we work with

  • Retail Industry
  • Education Industry
  • Finance and Insurance
  • Hospitality
  • NGO’s
  • Pharmaceutical

Services we provide


Interactive Content

Our team will work closely with your team in order to create stunning course content that will accurately project the learning objectives.



We use a broad aray of learning management systems ranging from custome made ones to one popular on the market.



We provide server products as well as internet connectivity products, hardware suppliers etc, what ever necessary to make your project work



Our monitoring includes analytics as well as project monitoring.



We are available to discuss and advise on any issue of concern. Through remote connectivity devices, we are able to help geographically distant clients


Marketing Products

We offer various marketing products at your disposal should you require marketing.

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