Automatwoo – Plugin for automating Woocommerce stores

Automatwoo – Plugin for automating Woocommerce stores


AutomateWoo is a plugin for automating all marketing processes in an online store using WordPress and WooCommerce. The plugin does all the routine and heavy work for you automatically. AutomateWoo has the tools you need to grow your store and make money.

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Key Features

Post-purchase emails
Automatically email customers who purchase certain products and suggest other related products they might like.
Items in Cart Remind customers who left items in their cart with automated emails at set intervals.
Inactive customer returns
Notifications to targeted inactive customers with automated email marketing campaigns. Include special offers and recommendations.
Personalized Coupons
Create dynamic personalized coupons for your customers that increase the likelihood of a purchase.
SMS notifications
Send SMS notifications to clients or administrators for any of the many AutomateWoo triggers. Integrates with Twilio.
Subscription Automation
Perform actions based on WooCommerce subscription events such as status changes, failed payments, and renewal reminders.
Automatic VIP Status
Reward your best customers with VIP status based on different spending requirements.
Favorite Lists
Send reminders for your favorites and notify you when a desired product goes on sale. Uses WooCommerce Wishlists or YITH Wishlists.
Refer a friend
Increase your sales with the help of supplements AutomateWoo Refer Friend.
Rewards for reviews and testimonials
Get more reviews and product reviews by offering discounts for reviews. Limit your discount based on how many reviews are submitted and by rating.
Featured Products
Follow-up customer orders with cross-selling and related products based on their purchased products.
Card Action
Alerts Notify customers before their credit or debit card expires. When selling a subscription, this can reduce failed payments and reduce customer churn.


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